Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Festivities :)

Get ready for a dump of pictures!

The Saturday before Halloween, the bookstore was putting on a fall party. Basically they were reading stories, decorating pumpkins and did a parade for the kids in costume. Needless to say, we took Ella and she had a lot of fun!

Costume parade action shot

this one's out of order, but it's here gutting a pumpkin.
She didn't like it, said it was "yucky."

Decorating the pumpkin at the bookstore

This was one of those halloween crafts.
Left side is the package, right is Ella's cat
She did it all by herself!

Sunday the 28th was Great-grandma Stella's birthday, so the whole family met at the zoo in ABQ.
Definitely too long of a drive to do too often, but we sure had a fun filled day!

Big chair

Happy birthday GG!

With Grandma Donna

Walking with dad

She learned how to buckle herself in her car seat this week.
It's a really great game

And Halloween day!
She's Elmo
Or as we called her, Ella-mo

Here we are about to leave for the mall, they do a trick or treat thing inside.

Ella and Xavier.
He's a scarecrow, it was freaking adorable.

All the dressed up people in our group.
Kyle and I were not so Halloween spirited

Her first house!
They had limes and very little candy... Ella wasn't sure what to think of that

Grandma Donna came down

Going to another house.
P.S. trick or treating makes for excellent practice of please and thank you!

This is the pumpkin she was gutting a million pictures ago

In other news, Ella now bites her nails

She also really likes the baby she sees in the mirror

Giving the baby in the mirror kisses

And the last picture from this week....