Saturday, October 27, 2012

Books and Sock Buns

As most of you who are reading this know, Ella loves books! I mean LOVES them! It's getting to the point where I don't even read anymore, we sit together and she tells me the stories from memory. It's pretty adorable. So I took some pictures of her reading her new favorite, King Bidgoods in the bathtub.

Saturday morning tv time. Trust me, it's a big deal.

I learned how to do a sock bun.
So I that's how I did my and ella's hair this morning.

She's such a little hipster

Me trying to get her to kiss my cheek.
Didn't work, but the bun angles turned out nicely!

Halloween is quickly approaching. After Wednesday, get ready for some Elmo!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This week...

Ella was sick. But she got really good at taking her own temperature!

Meet Kota! He's our new dog. He's a chorkie, which means he's part chihuahua and part yorkie.
Ella LOVES Kota. They chase each other around. It's great!

Going to the park!

Action shot with Ella and Kota.

Whenever Ella hangs from a bar like this at the park, we call her muscle baby.
She loves to play muscle baby!

She can now go down the slide all by herself!

Here she's telling Kota to stay.

Here she's telling him he's a good boy for staying.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bed time plus some random summer

Ella has a toy Elmo that sings and dances the Chicken Dance, and she loves it.
So naturally, she sees anything Elmo, and she automatically loves it.
Case and point, Elmo jammies.
She's been growing so quickly, that she's outgrown most of her jammies so we went shopping to get her some new warm ones. She grabbed these ones and wouldn't let go. She even carried them around all day telling me that Elmo was on her new jammies.

This was right before bed, so a little too grumpy for pictures.

Modeling the jammies

Jumping in jammies

This is her getting her hair done

Nearly done! Notice all of the hair ties on her left hand. They're so much fun to play with.

She was sick this morning, but noticed the camera on her dresser.
She insisted that I take some pictures

We went to Shasta, and Lexi took pictures of Ella.
I think they turned out great!

Grandma Donna got Ella some boots.

She's got Daddy wrapped around her little finger for sure.

Kyle and I were in our good friends' Drake and Renee's wedding.
Ella was a flower girl, but I can't seem to find a picture of that. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's been a while!

I'm not sure who all will read this. I haven't blogged in five months. That's a long time. But just in case there is still someone who might see this, here you go!

My camera has been broken (boo) so that partially explains my absence and also why there are so few pictures for 5 months of our lives.

Back in April. I just love her hair in a side pony.

This was our first day back to real life after summer.

Ella figured out the camera on my computer. These are all her!

Over the summer, Ella and i would walk everyday. She'd get her toys from the toy box and put them in the pocket for the ride. This is what happens when I'm busy

She cleared out the toy box. Anything to fight boredom I suppose.

Ella's new favorite things are socks. She wants to wear them everywhere!
She'll even take them off and put them on her hands. That's a good time.

I got her some colored skinny jeans!
She's super cute.

She also loves climbing on chairs.

and helping mom with homework.

Basically, Ella's getting huge. She's learning new words by the second and loves playing tag.
Life is good.

p.s. sorry some of the pictures are so squampous. They wouldn't flip for me and I was too lazy to try to figure out why.