Sunday, October 21, 2012

This week...

Ella was sick. But she got really good at taking her own temperature!

Meet Kota! He's our new dog. He's a chorkie, which means he's part chihuahua and part yorkie.
Ella LOVES Kota. They chase each other around. It's great!

Going to the park!

Action shot with Ella and Kota.

Whenever Ella hangs from a bar like this at the park, we call her muscle baby.
She loves to play muscle baby!

She can now go down the slide all by herself!

Here she's telling Kota to stay.

Here she's telling him he's a good boy for staying.


  1. So so so cute. And that looks like a great park!

  2. Cute dog - very fun park pictures - muscle girl - so fun